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Colorful Sculpture
Colorful Sculpture

Sculpture: Ensemble 1 by Peter Nottrott Sculpture 35.4 inch x 47.2 inch $5,500

These certainly aren’t your grandma’s marble statues. Bright, modern and full of color, these sculptures add spice to your life. Forget the statues and sculptures you see in museums, these artists are shaking up the sculpture game with their vibrant and creative pieces.

The Fall Of Icarus by Stefan Nenov Sculpture 19.0 inch (48.3 cm) x 31.0 inch (78.7 cm) $13,619

Sculptures can be a great addition to your space. With their 3-Dimensions, they can be admired from all angles, and have a depth that framed pieces just don’t have. When you factor in size and shape, the options for sculpture are limitless.

Building Bridges by Bea Garding Schubert Sculpture 19.0 inch (48.3 cm) x 31.0 inch (78.7 cm) $13,619

Sculpture isn’t limited to public art seen in airports and parks. Sculpture can be perfect for your home as well. Forget furniture and fill up your space with some of the best and brightest work on the market. With Zatisita’s stellar collection of original art and sculpture, you’re sure to find something just as unique as you.

VIRUS by Frederik Jouke Van De Siepkamp Sculpture 30.0 inch x 17.0 inch $7,600

Whether you like vibrant colors or classic designs, sculpture can be a great way to bridge the bold and the new.  Shop Zatista today for original artwork you’ll love for a lifetime!

Quantum Archetype by Stefan Nenov Sculpture 19.0 inch (48.3 cm) x 23.0 inch (58.4 cm) $5,892

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