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  • What is Zatista?

    Zatista is an online marketplace created to connect buyers and sellers of fine and contemporary original art.

    For buyers Zatista provides an online experience tailored specifically to make finding, discovering, and buying original artwork easy, comfortable, and fun. With artists and galleries from all over the world listing a huge variety of work, Zatista is sure to have great works to meet match any style, interest, or budget.

    For artists and galleries Zatista provides a simple and intuitive way to build an online presence and reach a global marketplace of buyers.

  • What can be bought and sold on Zatista?

    Zatista's focus is on original fine and contemporary art, and photography. In general terms Zatista is focused on art for one's wall.

    All works on Zatista are signed by the artist and sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. When you buy on Zatista you guaranteed to receive a truly unique work created by one of our fantastic artists from around the world.

    Photography and other printed items such as linocuts, silk-screened, are signed and numbered limited editions of 100 and less.

    Some items that may not be currently listed on Zatista are: Jewelry, sculpture, knitted items, furniture & lighting, pottery & ceramics, clothing, blown glass, and quilts.

  • How is Zatista different from other art related websites?

    If you have bought original art online, either through a galleries' website, or from a host of other art related sites out there, you will notice that Zatista is differs in a number of important ways:

    1. Only Original Art: There are no prints or reproductions on Zatista. All works of art on Zatista are original which means buyers are purchasing something very unique.
    2. Focused: Zatista sells only 2 dimensional wall-art and only from fine and contemporary artists and photographers.
    3. Feature Rich: All the tools, features and functions on Zatista are designed to make it extremely easy to find, discover, and purchase high-quality original artwork.

  • Why buy original art?

    Purchasing original art can be gratifying and fulfilling in many ways. First, when you purchase an original work of art it is one of the few completely unique handmade things you can buy in the world today. As more and more items we use and buy everyday (including art prints and machine generated paintings) become mass produced, buying original art provides a rare opportunity to find something one-of-a-kind that truly reflects your tastes and styles.

    Next, while buying original works you are helping to support a community of artists who make their living creating truly amazing and one-of-kind works. At Zatista, we strive to provide artists with a way to reach a global audience as they work to create a life expressing themselves through their art.

    Buying original art not only serves to support the artist and their work, but also tends to benefit the entire community in which the artist lives, which not only fosters creativity, but lasting commerce as well.

  • How can I be sure the artwork I buy on Zatista is authentic?

    There are a number of steps we take to ensure all art listed on Zatista is authentic and original.

    1. Every artist and gallery on the site is carefully reviewed prior to having their work available to buyers. Only after our team has verified an artist or gallery will their work be available for sale.
    2. All Zatista items come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
    3. Finally, all Zatista purchases are covered by our 100% Buyer Guarantee. If you have any suspicions that you may not have received a authentic original work of art, you simply contact us and we will help to resolve the issue - no hassles.

  • Who is selling the artwork on Zatista?

    Zatista has selected talented artists from all over the world to sell their work on the site. While many artists are personally listing their own work for sale, a large number of our artists are represented on Zatista by galleries.

    Zatista reviews each and every artist that appears on the site to make sure that we always have the broadest selection of high-quality, original art from around the world.

  • Is buying and selling on Zatista safe?

    Buying and selling on Zatista is very safe, efficient, and simple. Our marketplace offers buyers and sellers complete protection when it comes to their online shopping. For buyers specifically, we offer a 100% Buyer Guarantee which allows the buyer to return the work if for any reason they are not satisfied. For more information on our Buyer Guarantee, please click here.

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