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01 WINTER FRUIT by Daniel Grant Photograph, Archival Ink Jet 22.0 inch x 22.0 inch $1,110

Photography is an easy medium to collect when growing your art collection. It’s even a great way to start an art collection when you don’t know where else to start. Over the years, photography has been used so widely in museums, and print media as well as books – I think it’s just a straight forward medium for people to get their heads around. Black and white photography is classic and color photography is even more accessible. Photography is also a nice medium to add to an existing art collection of paintings, for example, to make the collection well rounded. Here at Zatista, we have a lot of wonderful photography available. Take a look, fall in love and add a piece of photography to your art collection today with help from Zatista.com!

Window Washer by Norman Lerner Photograph, Archival Ink Jet 19.0 inch x 13.0 inch $875

Lonely wave by Katya Belilovsky Photograph, Archival Ink Jet 15.0 inch x 23.0 inch $1,003

The Twins & the Green Car – 1 (medium size) by Vikram Kushwah Photograph, Archival Ink Jet 35.4 inch (90.0 cm) x 29.1 inch (74.0 cm) $1,415

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