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Snow Day!
Snow Day!

SNOW SQUALLS by Victor Roschkov Watercolor on Paper, 16.5 x 25 $2,780

Sorry to annoy all of you cold weather experts out there, but another snow storm hit the Southern US yesterday. It’s unusual for the lower elevation urban areas of The South to get snow! Typical in the mountains, of course. As I look out the window at the winter wonderland I see before me, I can’t help but be inspired to drink hot tea and appreciate all of the fabulous original snow scenes in our gallery here at Zatista.com. While the rest of you in snow are carrying on your normal days, we’re having a snow day!

Aspen Shadows on Snow by Carrie MaKenna Acrylic on Canvas, 40.0 inch x 30.0 inch $2,600

Snow And Sky by Melissa McGill Acrylic on Canvas, 48 x 36 $1,820

Snow Morning by Helal Uddin Watercolor on Watercolor Paper, 15 x 11 $483

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Snow Day! Snow Day!
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