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Light In Photography

Central Park Romance by Montgomery Gilchrist $135

Black and white photography is beautiful in and of itself, but for me, dramatic lighting can take a photo to another level. When the source of light forms a bit of an “ombre” look, it’s more than stunning.

Unveiling Light by Nicholas Bell $425

“Unveiling Light” by Nicholas Bell is the perfect representation of this as the sun shines over the ripples in the water.

shafts of light, columns of redwood by Tom Reed $320

Tom Reed’s “Shafts of Light, Columns of Redwood” is captivating as the light shoots through the trees. It’s as if there is something sacred or angelic to be revealed among the Redwoods.

Edition 2/10 Typewriter, Ickworth Hall by Paul Cooklin $956.62

Although we do not see the source of light in this image, “Edition 2/10 Typewriter, Ickworth Hall” by Paul Cooklin illustrates the beauty of ambient light in black and white photography. The typewriter sits alone as the outside light shines through the window.

Paradise Lost by Edward Fielding $325

Falling Sky by Jon Glaser $2,665

Dramatic lighting in black and white photography can reveal, captivate, and make you question. The beauty in art like this goes further than the picture. Take a look at some other irresistible black and white photos at Zatista.com.

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