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The Art of Giving

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and December is fast approaching, we’ve officially entered the season of giving.

Wishes by Megan Buccere on Zatista.com $120

No matter what your beliefs, chances are you’ll be giving a gift this season to at least one of the many deserving people in your life.

Piquant by Elizabeth Chapman on Zatista.com $75

So, when you’re wracking your brain trying to think of the perfect gift, don’t forget art.

Dreaming of Paris Rooftops, 1 by Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos on Zatista.com $80

With art in your cart, you have every opportunity to give a unique, well priced gift to a sibling or spouse, a teacher or friend, a mentor or well deserving colleague.

Blue Tit Limited Edition Print by Bee Things on Zatista.com $25

With the gift of art you’re sure to make a grand impression with a stylish, one of a kind gift.

Nesting Tree by Michelle Han on Zatista.com $49

Keep it simple. Shop our site today to see how easy, fun and fabulous your gift giving can be!

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